The Truth About HTML5

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Book Description
The Truth About HTML5 is for web designers, web developers, and front-end coders who want to get up to speed with HTML5. The book isn't afraid to point out what everyone gets wrong about HTML5's new markup, so you don’t make the same mistakes. It will show you what rocks in HTML5 today and what the future holds.

Marking up a basic web page shouldn't be a quasi-religious exercise where the high priests of HTML5 must be consulted for their interpretation of the holy texts (the HTML5 spec). Don’t waste hours trawling through confusing, poorly researched, and often flat-out wrong information on the Internet. Get the truth on HTML5's markup here. You'll also find out about HTML5's new microdata standard that's being used on major websites, such as eBay and IMDB, right now, and get the low-down on the Canvas object and what it can and can't do for you. The book also covers how HTML5 affects CMSs and web apps, what HTML5 means for mobile, and what the future holds.

HTML5 isn't one big blob of technology that will be "finished" at some point in the future. It’s a grab bag of cool stuff, much of which has been around for years. Learn what’s well supported and ready to go today. Now that the initial wave of hype is over, it's time to learn the truth about HTML5.

What you’ll learn

  •     How to write elegant and up-to-date HTML5 markup
  •     How to use microdata - the future of the semantic web
  •     What the Canvas object can and can't do, and how to use it correctly
  •     How to use new features such as enhanced forms and video and audio
  •     Which HTML5 features are production ready, and what the future holds

Who this book is for

The Truth About HTML5 is for web developers and designers who want to start using HTML5 properly in their web projects. Now that the dust has settled on HTML5, it's a good time for beginners to jump aboard, and for experienced developers to take stock of what's out there.

Table of Contents

  •     A Somewhat Sensationalized History of HTML5
  •     What HTML5 Means for a Modern Web Page
  •     The Pain and Pleasure of Page Structure
  •     Elementary, My Dear WHATWG? The Truth Behind the New Structural Tags
  •     Semantics, Micro-Semantics, and
  •     HTML5 Boosted My Page Rank, and other SEO Myths
  •     The New Nonstructural HTML5 Tags and When You Should Use Them
  •     HTML5 Forms: Beauty and the Beast
  •     Canvas, Gaming, and Flash
  •     Hear No <audio>, See No <video>
  •     SVG: It Lives!
  •     Web Apps, Mobile, and What Comes Next
  •     Performance Based Design: The Future

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The Truth About HTML5
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