Book Description
Introducing Spring Framework is your hands-on guide to learning to build applications using the Spring Framework. The book uses a simple My Documents application that you will develop incrementally over the course of the book and covers:

• How to programmatically configure the Spring container and beans
• How to use annotations for dependency injection
• How to use collections and custom types
• How to customize and configure bean properties and bean lifecycle interfaces
• How to handle metadata using XML, annotations, and the Groovy bean reader
• How to use the new Spring Boot and Spring XD

After reading this book, you will have all you need to start using the Spring Framework effectively.

What you’ll learn
• Send and receive JMS messages using Spring
• Use the Spring unit testing features
• Send and receive AMQP messages using Spring with RabbitMQ
• Utilize aspect-oriented programming in Spring
• Integrate the Spring Framework using JDBC and NoSQL databases like MongoDB
• Create web applications and expose REST APIs
• Use email and schedule tasks with Spring
• Use Spring and Groovy together

Who this book is for

This book is meant for developers with little or no knowledge of the Spring Framework.  At least some experience with Java programming is required.

Table of Contents

Part I - Spring Framework Basics
1. Your First Spring Application
2. Working with Classes and Dependencies
3. Applying Different Configurations
4. Using Bean Scopes
5. Working with Collections and Custom Types
6. Using Resource Files
7. Testing Your Spring Application

Part II - Spring Framework
8. Give Advice to Your Spring Application
9. Adding Persistence to Your Spring Application
10. Showing Your Spring Application on the Web
11. Integrating Your Spring Application with External Systems
12. Exposing a REST API
13. Adding E-mail and Scheduling Tasks

Part III - Spring Framework Advanced
14. Using Dynamic Languages
15. Spring Data Within Your Spring Application
16. Messaging with Your Spring Application
17. Be Social and Go Mobile

Part IV - Spring I/O

18. Spring and Groovy
19. Spring Boot, Simplifying Everything
20. Your First Spring XD Application
Appendix A: Tools

Introducing Spring Framework: A Primer_47100
Introducing Spring Framework: A Primer
Download(10.1M PDF)
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