Book Description
A handy guide to understanding Microdata, the new JavaScript APIs, and the new form elements in HTML5 and CSS3 along with transition, transformation, and animation using lucid code samples


  •     Discover the semantics of HTML5 and Microdata
  •     Understand the concept of the CSS3 Flexible Box model
  •     Explore the main features of HTML5 such as canvas, offline web application, geolocation, audio and video elements, and web storage
  •     Master the tools and utilities in HTML5 and CSS3

In Detail

HTML5 and CSS3 are the way for the future. Prior to HTML5 and CSS3, it was difficult to design complicated animations and transformations. With the advent of HTML5 and CSS3, web design has become much simpler, and the new features that are now available help us design complex web pages with ease. These cool new features will be the standard for the future; hence, it is imperative to learn about them now.

HTML5 and CSS3 Transition, Transformation, and Animation will help you take advantage of the real power behind HTML5 and CSS3 and will give you a good grounding for using it in your own web pages. Each and every code sample and concept is explained in detail, and you will be provided with all the information you need to take your web pages to the next level – before all your competitors do!

The book starts by covering the basic concepts of HTML5 and CSS3 such as semantics, Microdata, and the Flexbox model. You will then quickly progress to intermediate concepts such as form elements and some exciting features with JavaScript APIs. The code samples provided in this book will give you a solid base by which you will then be able to understand, write, and execute your own HTML/CSS projects with transition and animations.

Instead of wading through loads of theory, the concepts in this book are explained in a practical manner using code samples to demonstrate the new features of HTML5 and CSS3. The code samples are such that you can copy the code (the entire code is written instead of code snippets) and execute it for better understanding. Transition, transformation, and animation are also explained in a lucid manner, and there is a gradual increase in the difficulty level throughout the book.

By the end of the book, you will be thoroughly acquainted with HTML5 and CSS3, enabling you to design a web page using the included code samples with ease.

What you will learn from this book

  •     Use Microdata for SEO purposes and learn the semantics of HTML5
  •     Learn about the new HTML5 form elements
  •     Work with drag-and-drop in HTML5
  •     Discover how geolocation works in different browsers
  •     Master HTML5 canvas theory with lots of code samples
  •     Understand how offline web application works and learn about web storage concepts
  •     Get acquainted with the nuances of CSS3 transition
  •     Create complex web pages using advanced animations


This book is a practical, hands-on guide that provides you with a number of clear, step-by-step exercises moving from a basic level of understanding of HTML5 and CSS3 and gradually progressing to more advanced concepts.

HTML5 and CSS3 Transition, Transformation, and Animation_46064
HTML5 and CSS3 Transition, Transformation, and Animation
Download(1.99M PDF)
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