GameSalad Beginner's Guide

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Book Description
GameSalad is as an easy to use Game development platform that can be used to develop games without having to write any code. That way, with GameSalad, you don’t have to worry about debugging and testing. Once you learn to use GameSalad, you will be able to build games within days.

GameSalad Beginner’s Guide will give you a detailed overview of the tool and teach you how to use it to build your best game along with the author’s very own tips and tricks to design an interesting game. This book will take you through the different steps of building a game with GameSalad. As an example, the book will build three games that will enable you to work on any kind of game with GameSalad.

The book begins with some tips from the author to design a game that everyone will want to play and how to plan for it. Then we move on to setting up GameSalad and building projects in it. Once the tool is set up, the book moves on to creating and working with sprites.

The next section of the book includes building a whole ball drop game including gravity, touch controls, triggers and particle effects. The second game that the book builds is the space defender. It includes building an interesting user interface, enemies, explosions, space ship movements and testing this game on iDevices.

The third game is Metal Mech. This chapter includes sound effects, particle explosions, and numerous enemies, setting up Game Center Leader boards, and getting ready for App store. The last section of the book discusses how to get started with developing for iDevices.

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